Pretoria / Centurion

Trend was appointed on the relocation of Syngenta’s new head office from Midrand to Centurion. The brief was to downsize their space and change their way of working to a more agile and hot desking setting. Syngenta means “bringing people together” and we wanted to bring that meaning into their office culture and essentially through our office design.

The aim was to create a space where they could move away from a hierarchical office structure to a majority open plan layout, supported by collaborative work settings.

The look and feel is a mix between industrial and minimalist decor with bright pops of colour and greenery throughout. We incorporated curved lines and pops of colour to mimic the organic shape of the crop circles as they are in agriculture.

The office is a canvas energised by bright pops of yellow and lively plant walls bringing in that natural greenery. A special design feature was the look of crop circles and pivot irrigation represented in the design of the carpet.