Cape Town / Century City

DigiOutsource is a leading online marketing company, offering a vast range of career opportunities to graduates from around the globe. Situated in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, they provide the perfect location for both local and international talent – while their top-class facilities, friendly culture and future prospects, make it perfect place to work and play.

Trend was tasked to refurbish DOS’ space in order to make it more efficient and functional for its employees.

We achieved this by activating the dead spaces in the office as well as added more interactive materials such as whiteboards, screens and seating areas.

The space lends itself towards collaborative areas as well as private offices and meeting rooms. All of these elements needed to tie in with the design directives and brand guidelines provided to us by the team.

We used the corporate colours mainly the greens and blues in some of the spaces and then used other bright activating colours to help attract staff to these areas and increase collaboration and brain storming.

Trend was proud to have worked on this exceptional project, delivering a bold, vibrant and interactive workspace.