Johannesburg / Parktown

Oxfam, who focuses on the alleviation of poverty needed larger offices to sustain their productivity and improve their functionality. They planned to move to the newly renovated offices at 25 Owl Street.

Oxfam had expansion plans as they needed a more modern building, and they needed a decent size training center. They wanted to have a multifunctional environment in order to be able to hold functions at the same time. They also did not have enough meeting rooms in their existing office.

The office design needed to incorporate had an urban African flair, although Oxfam is an international NGO – they wanted their office to represent Africa and show some South African culture. We brought in the African design through paint designs, fabrics on the acoustic paneling and furniture pieces such as light fittings. The materials were 100% locally sourced and manufactured staying true to the design intent

Due to Oxfam being a nonprofit organisation we needed to be particularly cost conscious and be innovative with our design to achieve the clients desired budget.