From start to finish, Trend Group is your turnkey solution for all your workplace requirements.

Our team of designers, developers and project managers are available to assist you with every step of your interior office design project. We prioritise your experience to ensure it is as stress-free as possible.

Our streamlined approach gives every client a space that feels welcome, comfortable, secure, and happy with each project completed.

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Dedicated project manager

project manager

To ensure a seamless and stress-free process from start to finish, you will be
assigned a dedicated project manager.

Your project manager will take care of every last detail, right down to
customised delivery methods. This enables the workspace interior design
project to be completed to your absolute satisfaction, ahead of schedule
and within budget.

The best of the best

The best of
the best

Working with Trend Group assures you of the best quality products and
realistic prices in all ranges and finishes.

There are exclusivity agreements; we simply match the best supplier and
product to the particular job. We choose our suppliers on price and BEE
status, but most importantly, on quality and delivery.

Keeping you in the loop

Keeping you
in the loop

We believe communication matters. To keep you up to date every step of
the way, we ensure detailed progress reports including on-site images, are
shared with you weekly.

You’ll have a clear and accurate real-time view of your project’s status.

We'll stake our reputation on it

We’ll stake our
reputation on it

No matter how big or how small. No matter how simple or how complex. We
are absolutely committed to doing an awesome job that makes you
exceptionally happy.

This is a commitment that we’ve built our name on. It’s made us the go-to
people in the industry for workspace transformation. And that’s not a
position we’ll give up easily.

Safety matters


The health and safety of our team is important to us. We acknowledge
our obligations to comply with Occupational Health & Safety Legislation
and Codes of Practice, and do whatever we can to ensure an
accident-free workplace.

How do we deliver

Each phase in our project timeline has been perfectly designed to ensure we meet your deadlines, budget and needs.

With client experience at the heart of what we do, your project is carefully planned and monitored to ensure every objective is met.

We work with diligence and speed to meet delivery and installation timelines with precision.