Cape Town / Table View

Wonderlabz’s new office space spans over 2 adjacent buildings and across 5 floors. This posed a challenge to the Trend team to ensure there was still connectivity and flow throughout the various spaces. We achieved this by building a bridge to join the buildings, custom wayfinding signage throughout the floors and colour blocking.

Their new office is a physical representation of their branding and company morals which is evident in the chevron shapes, bright colours, feature paint, custom wallpapers and their various company motos splashed over the walls. Each floor features open plan desking, a variety of meeting spaces, call pods, quiet areas, collaboration and relaxation spaces while the ground floor canteen wholistically encapsulates the fun, vibrant, diverse and unique team at Wonderlabz.


The overall office is playful, colourful and welcoming, therefore being an exciting space to get staff back into the workplace and enjoy their time while being there.