Johannesburg / Sandton

Silica, a company that provides administration and technology solutions to asset managers and financial advisors throughout Southern Africa and Europe, appointed Trend to Refurbish their existing space and re-look at how to boost the company’s office culture through the office design.

We drew our design narrative from the meaning of silica. silica is the most complex and most abundant families of materials, existing as a compound of several minerals. The many different components formed their people who had different talents and different roles and when they came together to form a link that was incredibly strong and stable.

The breakaway areas have a more industrial look and feel with exposed ceilings, fun and bold colours and bench style seating.

The use of diagonal designs, pops of colour, angled furniture, 3d patterned walls, geometric ceiling details, warm timber textures and sleek led lighting encompassed the look and feel that we created for silica.

We were working in a live environment and moving the staff around as we were refurbishing the spaces floor by floor which was challenging in order to create as little disturbance as possible.