Cape Town / Tyger Valley

PepsiCo the well-known American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation required a design and build company to refurbish their offices in Cape Town.

The look and feel was influenced by South African culture and bringing in the local elements to the space. We used warm finishes, with a neutral pallet complimented with bright vibrant colour accents, all in line with their corporate identity. We wanted to soak up as much natural light as possible and celebrate with earthy tones, patterns & textures.

Many items for the design were sourced from the city, contributing to the concept’s implementation through an authentic initiative to upcycle and reuse objects and non-conventional building media alike, consistent to the personality of the city. All furniture was sourced from local companies.

The floorplan, which was sub-divided into three main open plan areas, received colour-blocking so all associated meeting rooms, screens, phone boxes have fabrics/ furniture match the associated colour designated to this area.

The collab areas in the centre of the floorplan on each wing were the prominent features. Both central areas acted as a Collab Hubs, and had bold S-Shaped Booths with ropes that flowed up into the ceiling. Each Booth Curve was a different colour which matched the main Drink Products of PepsiCo. Each Booth Curve Back had Branding wallpaper, to create a ‘Can’ Effect, using the matching-coloured rope detail to mimic the flow of liquid floating upward.

Most of the floorplan was designed with curved floor finishes, shopfronts and drywall which drew from the Logo Shape & the idea of cans/ liquid circular flow. The bold colours and interesting patterns in the scatters and furniture pieces was inspired by African Design.

The canteen was a feature area, with booths that where colour blocked with their corporate colours. The Canteen used the natural textures of timber, leather & concrete vinyl; which was complimented with bright and vibrant colours that were encouraged through the rest of the floorplan.

The Clients internal Branding Team worked with us to bring in their Branding Artworks, which needed to be large feature spaces in most of the potential ‘blank’ areas of the floorplan.