Management Consulting Firm

Johannesburg / Rosebank

The new head office for a global management consulting firm in Johannesburg represents a fusion of innovative interior design, storytelling, and true collaboration. The space goes beyond typical office design by seamlessly blending corporate functionality with a rich narrative that mirrors the city’s essence.

Collaborating with HK Studio, experts in experiential design, Trend designed a bespoke office environment in the up-and-coming Oxford Parks precinct in Rosebank. The design prioritizes meeting the diverse needs of a fast-paced corporate environment, focusing on flexibility and accommodating the demands of a hybrid work model.

The project aimed to redefine the concept of a modern office in the post-Covid era, creating a space that exceeds expectations and changes employees’ perceptions of returning to the office. The design narrative draws inspiration from Johannesburg’s history, highlighting ambition and the allure of gold. It celebrates the city’s cosmopolitan nature, inclusivity, and its embrace of the exotic.

The office offers a curated experience, with elements of surprise and exoticism gradually revealed through design elements. The canteen area is a focal point, showcasing local excellence, from hand-made furniture to custom-made wall tiles. Public areas strike a balance between inviting and characterful spaces, combining timeless choices, contemporary style, and playful elements.


To maintain global consistency, some elements were imported, but the project team made a significant effort to incorporate local items, with approximately 80% of furnishings and fittings being locally sourced. Symbolic design elements, such as a central staircase with a tree at its center, symbolize the grit and gold of the city and the fusion of African and global excellence. Local artists, furniture makers, and galleries contributed custom pieces and artworks, further reflecting the city’s identity.

This bespoke office space celebrates ambition, authenticity, inclusivity, and African excellence, telling a compelling story of Johannesburg’s unique identity. It combines a serious and philosophical tone with a touch of playfulness, making it not only functional but also emotionally resonant.