Rosebank / Johannesburg.

Trend was appointed for the design and implementation of 267 square metres of office space for Letsema, a consulting and advisory firm, in Rosebank, Johannesburg. The Sotho word “letsema” means people coming together to work for a common purpose. Collective effort towards a share goal and the role of business as a catalyst for positive social change are key aspects of the business philosophy.

The client had particularly enjoyed their previous space, designed by Andrea Kleinloog from HK Studio, and they wished to retain the same design theme and elements in this new space. We collaborated closely with HK Studio throughout the process in order to design and deliver an office that stayed true to this vision, whilst staying within a tight budget.

The space comprises an entrance or welcome area, meeting rooms, a collaboration space, an open plan office area and several executive offices. The colour palette is dominated by neutrals, accentuated with timber and green elements. Thoughtfully chosen finishes such as the patterned vinyl tiles leading from the entrance area add warmth and visual interest. Strategically placed black and brass detailing adds a subtle layer of sophistication.

We adopted an innovative approach to the wall treatments, opting for textured plaster finishes. These allow for a great deal of versatility in the pattern creation and texture, and can also be painted. The use of this finish creates a refined yet visually appealing wall finish that truly elevates a space.

Working closely alongside HK Studio, we created what is ultimately a timeless and classy space that supports productivity and collaboration without compromising on style, delivered on time and within budget.