Johannesburg / The Ingress Waterfall

Greensill, a financial services company had outgrown their space in Regus and required a larger office and a base to establish their brand. Trend was appointed to do the design, project management and implementation of their new head office in Waterfall.

We were required to design a similar look to that of their office in Singapore. This look and feel incorporated light timbers, greenery, and sleek modern finishes. There were some industrial elements brought through such as the exposing the ceiling.

Some eye-catching design elements were created in the space namely in the reception area where we designed a unique plant wall using different shapes. In the boardroom a geometric pattern was created and was cut out and placed within the bulkhead. The exposed ceilings were also painted in a green to bring through their corporate branding.

Height adjustable desks were a priority for their staff to ensure they were comfortable during long working hours. The canteen was to be used as a multifunctional space and to act as a breakaway or to have informal meetings, or townhalls in.