Cloud Ace

Sandton /Johannesburg

Introducing Cloud Ace’s vibrant new African Headquarters in Sandton.

Cloud Ace is subset of Google, managing Google Cloud. Operating in 13 different countries worldwide. The new flagship office needed to be inspired by the South African culture.

Cloud Ace wanted a design that reflected African elements with a bright and colourful twist. We took inspiration from the hues of an African sunset, incorporating them into the wallpaper, reception ceiling, and back wall, while still incorporating the blue from their Corporate Identity.

One of the standout features includes a unique 5-cent coin backsplash in the kitchenette, and a map of Sandton to showcase their new local roots. The reception joinery is another highlight, seamlessly merging the sunset’s various colours into the wall’s design.

The creation of the standout 5-cent backsplash was a true community effort. Each Trend employee contributed 5 cents towards the project. When we hit a roadblock due to an insufficient number of coins to complete the wall, our project manager and designer took to the Facebook groups “I Love Parkhurst” and “I Love Fairlands” to rally support. Thanks to generous donations from the community, we were able to bring this vision to life, turning a simple office project into a shared creative experience. Our team also in turn shared images of the final product with the community members, inspiring them to replicate the design in their own spaces.

We’re proud to have created a stunning workspace for Cloud Ace and welcoming this multi-national company to South Africa by demonstrating the true meaning of Ubuntu.