If you are looking to transform your workspace Trend Group is able to refurbish and redesign your office into an engaging space.

We ensure that each point in your interior office design conveys your brand message and company values, and that it engages your employees.

Using an existing space and refreshing the area can have a huge impact on the people working in that space. Not only is your budget reduced but a fresh look and feel gives employees a fresh perspective. It is important to assess your workplace every few years to ensure that you are adapting to changes in the environment, business, growth and technology.

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Exterior of Office Design

Optimise your
commercial assets

Our design and delivery process combines technical excellence with the
flexibility required to produce standout offerings as quickly, simply and
cost-effectively as possible.

We help you optimise your commercial assets using our unparalleled
understanding of the tenant market to achieve a higher return
on investment.

Building refurbishments


We are also capable of implementing major building refurbishments;
modernising, transforming, and improving the overall building and space
within – whether a full facade renewal, or simply an entrance upgrade.

Transforming spaces


Trend Group goes beyond the standard realm of interior office design to
restore and modernise entire buildings and their facades – transforming
buildings from residential to commercial, industrial to offices. We even
create space where there was none before, through the enclosure of
atriums and the design and manufacture of mezzanines.

Office entrance foyer design

We provide a range
of bespoke services

These include targeting different tenant profiles and enabling faster
occupation of your space. From shell and core to Cat B fit-outs, we can
produce hybrid schemes to attract your target tenants. We’re here to make
sure you, and your tenants, get the most out of your space.

Restoration of space to a `white box’ takes the interior back to a clean slate
for the landlord; usually this is a lease requirement when vacating your old building.

Trend Group works closely with architects and engineers to improve
building aesthetics, add value and customise space.