Trend Group carves a niche in office design, delivery excellence

Trend Group specialises in interior design and refurbishments in the commercial, industrial and retail sectors. Trend Group is a comprehensive, solutions-driven company that operates on a turnkey basis, offering a streamlined approach to design, procurement, and construction delivery.

From innovative start-ups to established brands, Trend Group has the expertise of some of the best designers and project directors to develop bespoke offices that foster productivity, innovation, and creativity. It has carved a unique niche for itself as an office interior design and refurbishment specialist, featuring both design-and-build and project management capabilities, covering all aspects of the project solution.

Property developer Gavin Dickinson founded the company in conjunction with Project Director Meyer Erlank. Over a decade later, Trend Group now comprises four co-directors, including Mohamed Okasha and Derek Weimer, each bringing with them a unique skill set and wealth of experience.

“We have built the company over the last decade with a strong implementation background. From a technical and a delivery perspective, that has created an exceptionally strong foundation. The four directors are essentially owner-managers. They are intricately involved in every touch point of the company, from design to project management and delivery, on every single project site we run,” Dickinson explains.

With its underlying philosophy of creating future spaces, innovation plays a key role in Trend Group continually striving to meet the specific requirements of its diverse customer base. This has resulted in projects being delivered for some of the most iconic brands globally, including Facebook, WeWork, Oracle, Google, Citibank, Red Bull, Uber, BBC, Coca-Cola, Bloomberg, Unilever and Bidvest, to name but a few.

Trend Group’s reputation as an independent professional that delivers exceptional results is underlined by the fact that it has delivered over 300 projects in 14 years, not missing a single deadline in that period. This reputation has given it a critical mass across a range of industries and markets, including an impressive roster of international brands seeking to gain a foothold in Africa.

“We have not only completed projects for larger blue-chip clients, but have also completed projects for a range of local clients of varying sizes and scale,” says Business Development Director Derek Weimer. “Flexibility in an industry where both budgets and margins are tight is vital. Clients go through good and bad times, as does the industry. We have to be there for them at all times. Hence it is very much a long-term partnership that we enter into,” Weimer explains.

This involves an intuitive understanding of what makes its clients tick. Given the fact that fit-outs and redesigns are potentially costly and disruptive, the aim is to make the process as smooth and as painless as possible. Personnel with the necessary knowledge are allocated to meet those specific requirements. Thus, every solution is tailormade, and based around the best people possible for the project.

Putting clients at ease and ensuring their buy-in is based on constant communication. It means a single point of contact, and regular updates and meetings to discuss options and preferences. Again, this links back to the initial budget, which is a key consideration from the outset. Smart design tailored within the confines of a particular budget and client requirements results in a happy client that will remember, and endorse, the experience of working with such a team of diverse professionals.

What has made Trend Group successful is that it always sets reasonable expectations, thereby affording its design teams the opportunity to not only impress the client with a solution that exceeds those expectations, but which guarantees that it continues to work with them in the future as their needs evolve according to their own growth and transformation.

Effective design can play a major role in helping companies reduce overheads and optimise work processes. This is where Trend Group has carved a unique niche for itself. While the interior design industry in South Africa has developed mainly over the past three decades, interior architecture – which incorporates workspace design and planning – is still relatively new. So much so that it is not yet open to out-of-the-box ideas.

Trend Group has fine-tuned its business model in the local market, which means not only that it has evolved an in-depth understanding of the construction industry, but has formed key relationships with local contractors, guaranteeing that it can secure the best products in terms of price and quality. Being a proudly South African company, certain brands are reassured by Trend Group’s vast experience and knowledge, as it means all of their required design guidelines are achieved locally.

Trend Group has a stringent procurement process run by inhouse quantity surveyors, ensuring clients benefit in the process “We choose our suppliers on price, B-BBEE status, quality and delivery, which are critical.” Dickinson asserts.

“Our comprehensive approach is solutions-driven, and covers every aspect of the fit-out, from needs analysis and design to procurement and construction. Whether your project involves relocating to new premises, or expanding or consolidating an existing office suite, our clients have complete peace of mind in entrusting their projects to us.”

This makes for a refreshingly streamlined process. Its cost-effectiveness stems from the fact that clients receive best value in terms of design, budget, and timeframe. What’s more, Trend Group’s experience in this regard guarantees minimal disruption when working on clients’ operational premises.

Trend Group partners with external professionals, designers, and architects in order to be able to offer a full bouquet of consultancy and construction services that span the commercial, industrial, and retail fields. Key to this seamless approach from inception to close-out is the appointment of a dedicated project manager that orchestrates everything, including customised delivery methods.