Valenture Cape Town

Cape Town / Josephine Mill

Trend Group was tasked to design for the private online high school group Valenture Institute’s new campus in Cape Town. They were looking to create a space where children could feel comfortable and transition easily from at-home learning to a space dedicated to online learning.

Valenture has an amazing and unique online learning environment, so it was important that the boutique campus mimicked this. The idea was to create a warm, inviting and exciting space that reflected the engaging and youthful nature of the Institute.

When designing the Cape Town campus situated at the historic Josephine Mill, it was important to consider the need of the students and staff and how the campus could support this

The requirements from the client included: working spaces, mentor rooms, chill out areas, library, canteen, breakaway, and multipurpose spaces. Trend Group created a wide variety of areas and seating options.

Trend group created spaces that are adaptable for students and their specific needs. A library/ lounge was designed to be utilized as a study area or for work discussions. The design team also included creative ways to encourage group work and made use of wide windowsills to allow more light to come into the space. Therefore creating a space that is bright, which will encourage learning.