Private Client

Parktown /Johannesburg

More than a call centre: a vibrant learning hub

Trend had the opportunity to flex our creative muscles in creating a forward-thinking call centre environment. At the core of this project was a commitment to skills development and job creation, with the focus being to train and employ individuals who had previously faced unemployment. Trend was entrusted to ensure the environment supported both operational excellence and personal growth.

Tasked with designing and fitting out a 1500 square metre call centre environment based in South Africa for a US food delivery service, we embarked on a journey to create a dynamic space that not only met operational needs but also fostered a spirit of growth and development. Our vision for this project went beyond the conventional call centre design. We aimed to understand the staff’s challenges and create a fun, comfortable, and inspiring workspace.

Balancing Fun and Functionality
The end-user’s brand has a fun and lively personality, featuring retro elements in its logo and a vibrant colour scheme. Our design team focused on infusing this sense of fun and excitement into the workspace. This was particularly important given the late working hours in South Africa to align with the USA, making it essential to create a space where call centre agents would genuinely enjoy working.

Designing for Comfort
We understood that creating comfortable and inviting spaces was key to boosting productivity and morale. Our design encompassed not only the operational call centre floor but also two training rooms, two meeting rooms, an area for support staff, a 60-seater canteen, and a welcoming reception area.

The operational call centre floor seats 208 agents and 14 team leaders. Desks are arranged in orderly clusters that make optimal use of a tight space. The space is organised around two large atriums which admit abundant natural light.

We designed an interactive central hub within the open-plan area, featuring a TV screen for informal meetings and flexible gatherings. This area stands out from the rest of the call centre floor with its distinctive detailing: a terrazzo texture vinyl floor, exposed ceilings with hanging red baffles, creating a relaxed yet dynamic space.

The welcoming reception area is an artful blend of the client’s brand and graphics, together with a Johannesburg cityscape – symbolising a global brand represented in an iconic African city.

Celebrating development, growth and success
Within the main call centre space are positioned four coaching pods, each with a unique name, theme and colour corresponding to the company’s values. These pods serve as spaces for quick training and chat sessions, providing semi-private spaces where agents can be given guidance in a spontaneous way, either one-on-one or in small groups.

The formal training rooms feature the client’s retro colours and branding style, along with motivational quotes on the walls. They are also named for particular company traits or values. These spaces were designed for planned and longer training sessions, with branding elements subtly integrated to maintain focus.

While the training pods and rooms focus on the company values and the experience of the clients, the ‘hero wall’ is all about the staff. This is a place to recognise the achievements of top performers and is designed to instil pride amongst employees. African touches were also subtly incorporated here to reflect the ‘personality’ of the office’s location.

Attention to Detail
We paid meticulous attention to detail, bringing different aspects of the brand throughout the different design elements. For example, the client’s ‘sprinkle’ graphic is incorporated in acoustic panels, vinyl frosting on some of the glazed areas, and other elements throughout the space, ensuring a cohesive brand presence.

The canteen area features some creative joinery, such as the high timber bar counter which gradually slopes down to become a bench, allowing employees to enjoy the view while dining. This creative touch has quickly become a favourite spot among the staff.

Trend took on the challenge of converting a call centre into a haven for personal development, productivity, and fun. We are proud to have played a part in creating a unique South African call centre environment for this food delivery service.