Mining Client

Johannesburg / Rosebank

Trend Projects was approached to design the executive wing of private mining client. With existing offices in their current building, they identified an adjacent space available for letting and sought to extend and utilize it for their executive wing. As a gold mining business, the design needed to reflect their brand identity and incorporate a mix of functional and collaborative areas.

The existing space provided a base for the design, with screeded floors serving as a foundation. Embracing a fun and creative approach, Trend Projects transformed the area into a functional and visually appealing workspace. The executive wing comprises nine cellular offices, a central open-plan multifunction area, a boardroom, a smaller meeting room, an executive breakaway room with a kitchenette, a server room, and a small waiting area.

An industrial design aesthetic was adopted, incorporating elements such as exposed services and rough stucco. The materials palette throughout emphasized steel, wood, concrete, and stucco, with a focus on neutral tones to create a subtle and sophisticated ambiance. To infuse warmth into the spaces, tan leather was used in furniture selections, while wooden elements and soft furnishings added a touch of natural elegance. Ceilings in key spaces feature exposed services. Frosted vinyl with a pinstripe design was applied to larger areas of glazing, ensuring privacy between spaces. Semi-circular wooden door handles added a unique and stylish touch.

The boardroom became a central focus of the design, featuring an exposed ceiling that showcased the services. Steel beams and window frames were sprayed black, adding a bold contrast. A long wooden boardroom table accommodates up to 20 people. A large rug beneath the table adds warmth and comfort, while stainless steel pendant lights provided layers of illumination.

The smaller meeting room was designated as a dedicated space for training sessions, client meetings, brainstorming, and strategy sessions.

The multifunction area was designed to facilitate hybrid working and collaboration. As part of the brief, a feature wall was created as a backdrop for monthly seminars that are live-streamed. Square acoustic panels, some recessed and others projecting forward slightly, were utilized to achieve a 3D effect. LED lighting highlighted the edges of the panels, while fluted glass panels framed by black aluminium added elegance.

The executive breakaway area, adjacent to the kitchenette, was designed to provide a space for relaxation and unwinding. The refurbished kitchenette area features a steampunk shelving unit to compensate for the absence of high-level cupboards. Existing counters were enhanced with herringbone texture tiles, which were also used as a backsplash, adding visual interest and texture.

Each cellular office within the executive wing was equipped with a desk, visitors’ chairs, and a two-seater meeting table. To avoid an impersonal atmosphere, features were incorporated to add character and uniqueness. Half-height black paint with a dado rail was used, with stucco applied above as a distinctive feature. Semi-circular rugs tied in with the design concept, further enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Subtle mining-themed elements were introduced throughout the space. Small gold vases and accent tables strategically placed added touches of luxury and reflected the mining theme without overwhelming the design. The resulting office space is a functional and visually striking environment. The industrial-inspired aesthetic, combined with warm and elegant elements, created a unique and inviting atmosphere.