Media Agency

Johannesburg / Woodmead

The design concept was based on their company’s values and what they stood for – looked at their core supporting value – which is they come together as a team to support their clients. Very large refurbishment project – first floor and ground floor.

Looked at their existing floor plate on how to maximise the efficiency and flow. 4 different environments – work, meet, collab and away from desk. How do we bring these environments in to the existing space. The spine of the floor plates are the connectivity areas. Both wings are allocated to open plan, call center environments. We also refurbished the ablutions. To bring the two wings together we located the meeting rooms and collab space in the center of the floor plate to link both sides of the business in to one environment.

We took their corporate identity which was neutrals black, whites gold and how we can distribute this throughout the office.

Concrete vinyl flooring throughout main common areas with black and timber accents. That then let into the open plan space which was timber flooring with a play on a acoustic panels and desk screens. To end this off we installed new ceilings and LED flat panels to give a fresh new look to the space.

Provided the company with lots of branding opportunities. The reception has a timber slat detail and black desk with feature lighting, due to the double volume space the timber slats create a focal point.

We back lit the signage to make it pop. In the breakaway space we brought through the gold lighting specs as a common thread a small feature element.