Johannesburg / Melrose Arch

Trend was awarded the design and build of the new offices for the internationally renowned broadcasting media company, BBC. The new office needed to comply with the international standards but needed to be contextualized in the SA environment as part of the offices’ regional unique identity.

We received a basic design guideline for their international standards but were encouraged to use a free and open design approach. Trend’s approach was to incorporate a modern yet industrial look and then incorporating African elements in to the space. This was done by introducing local fabrics such as shwe shwe, which was used on desk dividers and fabric panels. We used a variety of finishes and textures to bring warmth and character to the space, allowing the space to feel contemporary.

Due to the nature of the business, the filming rooms had specific requirements, namely special acoustic treatment, specified lux levels for lighting as well as attention to the AV and conferencing equipment and the integration thereof.