Emerging technology creates evolution in office design trends

Office design trends create a sense of progression within the workspace, and create mobility and agility. The evolution of technology has advanced the manner in which we work, as it is vital to be efficient and sustainable. Utilizing these tools drives trends that are currently relevant in the market.

However, there are many aspects regarding technology that we don’t all have to understand, which means an easily comprehendible user interface is crucial for it to be optimally effective. This technological revolution has fundamentally impacted the workplace, as we can now work remotely. Furthermore, this has lead to increased amount of work from employees as well as employees delivering better outcomes.

The overall productivity of an organization depends on efficiency and workplace optimization. Trend group states that technology plays a critical role in the design process of the space(s). Information is now readily available to stakeholders, and design briefs can be changed accordingly to suit the client’s specifications.

Trend Group states that a major competitive advantage is understanding the fundamental concept that one size does not necessarily suit all clients and their specifications. Trend group makes use of strategic applications to gather input from the employees through a personal manner.

Workplace and behavioural statistics allow Trend Group to streamline their operations. This provides us with accurate data to be showcased into the final design, improving the overall user experience, and create a well- organized business process. The construction and project management are also enhanced, as it allows a design- and- build specialists to work cost effectively.

A trend that is driven by rapidly advancing technology is called ‘agile working’, which refers to creating a flexible and productive environment. Progressive companies have embraced technology to enable this. These ‘Smart’ spaces are creating a major breakthrough for office design, therefore creating digital transformation and automation.

These smart spaces use data from collaboration and booking systems. These systems comprise of integrated Wi-Fi to map users and usage, therefore boosting efficiencies, and allow for a major boost in overall engagement.

Trend Group is constantly finding ways to push the creative boundary within the design industry. Technology restructures the way we work, collaborate and manage our business. It also helps boost engagement with our clients, and allows for positive relationships to be created and maintained.