Sturdee Energy

Hyde Park / Johannesburg

In undertaking the design and implementation of new office space for Sturdee Energy, an independent power producer, we put our expertise to work to bring out the unique personality and mission of the client, which is to sustainably deliver economic and social returns to investors and communities through the development, ownership and operation of power projects in Africa.

Trend assisted this growing company with its move to larger premises in their existing office park. Within this new office space, we created two formal six-seater meeting rooms, an informal client lounge and presentation area, three focus rooms, an open plan work area and an enclosed office for the two founders


The chosen colour palette and design themes were informed by the focus of the business on natural energy sources, biophilia, and a play on the ‘classical’ elements of earth, air, fire and water. The predominant colours are blue, grey, white and green, with timber accents in items such as tables and panels. Planter boxes add to the natural and calming feel of the space. Photographs of the company’s various wind farms and solar power sites were used to create unique wallpapers for the meeting rooms and shared office space, infusing the identity of the business into the workspace

One of the client’s most important values is transparency, and this was brought through in the design of the space by using glass shopfront panels to delineate space, rather than opaque walls. In some instances, subtle vinyl frosting has been applied, with a design that evokes the feeling of a breeze passing through the space.

There is no formal reception area, so directionality with in the space was created through the use of patterned cut-outs in the carpet tiles to lead visitors to the client lounge. Since the absence of a main reception meant that there was no obvious place to display the company logo, we found a creative solution for displaying this on a protruding area of wall in the main circulation space.





The overall feel of the space is one of openness and light with understated and calming finishes – a space that tells the client’s story and provides the backdrop for its mission.