Durban / Ridgeside

Sportradar, a global leader in sports technology, recently expanded its operations with a new office in Ridgeside, Durban, designed and built by the renowned Trend Group. This office is not just a workspace but a dynamic embodiment of Sportradar’s brand principles and commitment to innovation, functionality, and design excellence.

As visitors enter the office, they are immediately greeted by Sportradar’s iconic logo set against a vibrant green wall. This feature wall symbolizes growth and vitality, setting a tone of energizing welcome that resonates throughout the space. Straight ahead, the waiting lounge, equipped with soft seating and subtle branding elements, offers a warm reception that underscores Sportradar’s professional and hospitable character.

The office layout is thoughtfully designed to support various work styles and collaborative needs. A focus room and phone booth provide private spaces for concentration and privacy. The 10-seater meeting room features a bespoke backlit wall that gives a nod to the building’s design. The natural wood flooring in these areas adds a touch of warmth, balancing the high-tech environment with comfort and style.

The open-plan desking area forms the dynamic core of the office, designed to foster an environment of transparency and teamwork. It’s flanked by a unique breakaway space with its very own putt-putt area, which aligns perfectly with the company’s sporting culture.

Throughout the office, high-quality materials and sleek design elements like black accents merge to create a contemporary yet comfortable workspace, with enhanced visual appeal.

Trend Group’s design for Sportradar’s Durban office is a testament to how targeted design can influence company culture and operational efficiency, setting a new standard in the tech industry for office environments. This office is a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and wellness, perfectly aligning with Sportradar’s values of excellence and leadership in the sports technology sector.