Johannesburg / Fourways

Redbull – the energy drink that “gives you wings” appointed Trend to build their entertainment lounge in the design quarter. In conjunction with the designer Boogertman & Partners we produced this funky, unique space. Adopting a multipurpose approach, the space is designed to work as a canteen and double up as a venue for parties and functions.

A combination of finishes were specified in the space. On the one side brick, wood, granite and black matt lighting fixtures are used creating a stimulating space and then on the opposite side of the canteen more earthly, natural materials and colours were used, representing the company’s extreme sports underground culture

An undulating slatted ceiling creates a wing overhanging the space. The floating perspex chairs further embed the concept of flight and add a fun, engaging element to the space. The counter space is practical, hosting storage and a sink while extending into a bar styled seating area. The mirror-like floor reflects the ceiling curves, which are carried through to the light changing chairs. Acting as a rising sun the bright yellow adds warmth to the white, creating a ray of energy and light.