Private Hospitality Client

Salt River / Cape Town

Trend recently completed a project for a multi-national company in Cape Town, which involved designing a call centre as well as the reception area, interview rooms, canteen, training rooms, and coaching pods. This project totalled over 2000 sqm.


The design concept was rooted in the client’s key branding points, which translated into movement, emotion, and temperature. Combining all these elements, we were able to create a space that captures the brand perfectly.

Private Hospitality Client

We carefully considered natural light and created a very fluid space plan to enhance the overall experience. To balance these elements, we drew inspiration from the nervous system and combined it with human interaction. As a result, we incorporated cooler tones in the call centre area and warmer tones in meeting areas and areas where people connect.


Acoustic panels were designed to be aesthetically pleasing while still meeting the technical requirements of the space. To guide people through the space, a mesh ceiling detail was suspended from the existing exposed soffits, resulting in a unique architectural element.

The standout features of the design were the use of vinyl with an ombre colour effect on the coaching pods and colour blocking throughout the space.


Trend worked closely with an acoustic engineer and HVAC consultants to ensure that the design vision was realized. Our combined expertise was instrumental in transforming the site from a simple white box into the beautiful space that it is today, ensuring that the design’s technical aspects were executed.