Private Finance Client


Trend was entrusted with the design and fit-out of a state-of-the-art office for a contact centre on behalf of a US banking company. Our goal was to craft a space that not only served its functional purpose but provided a comfortable and attractive workspace and learning environment for over 200 agents. It was also important for the design to reflect the values of transparency, openness, and inclusivity.

Designing for comfort and functionality

Our design encompassed a reception area, three training rooms, two meeting rooms, a spacious canteen accommodating 60-70 people, and even a staff games room. The front-of-house areas are dominated by a high-end corporate aesthetic, in line with the serious nature of the client’s business. In contrast, the staff areas and back-of-house are designed to offer comfortable, inspiring and enjoyable spaces for the staff.

Unifying themes and aesthetics

We made use of several recurring motifs and materials to draw the design together aesthetically and thematically. Drawing inspiration from the client’s distinctive logo, a curve motif(detail) is used in a number of the design elements throughout the space including floor and ceiling treatments, curved glass wall elements and furniture.

Glass elements are another recurring theme, reinforcing the concept of transparency. The building itself has a large area of glass façade, offering panoramic views of Sandton’s urban landscape. Our design juxtaposed the urban ‘concrete jungle’ feel of this environment with softer, natural elements such as timber finishes. On the call centre floor itself, we used frameless glass in the corners of the coaching pods to create an open, free-flowing feel.

This was important in a space where the need for privacy also plays a role because of the sensitive nature of client information. We were mindful of the tension between the need for privacy as a functional requirement and the expression of transparency as a client value. For example, the two large atriums in the centre of the space are treated with a vinyl frosting which creates a certain level of privacy whilst still admitting natural light. This frosting featured a pixel-inspired design, subtly incorporating the brand’s colour palette.

Optimal design for work, learning and enjoyment

The reception area is bold and business-like. Neutral tones dominate the palette, with the client’s corporate colours subtly integrated into a glass and mesh screen backdrop. This symbolic touch represents the client’s commitment to transparency.

We successfully navigated the challenge of segregating background operations from the call centre, while maintaining openness in the primary areas. The operational floor features an interactive media zone, distinct from the rest of the call centre, and a visually arresting curved high table for team leaders.