Private Client – Technology

Pretoria / Menlyn Maine

In the heart of Pretoria, Trend Group has proudly completed a flagship project for a distinguished tech giant. This expansive space, spanning over 2800 square meters, stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to client aspirations and design superiority.

Our vision embarked on creating a canvas ripe for transformation – a neutral palette design that echoes the client’s desire for a brand revolution. The result is a versatile and minimalistic shell that’s ready to embrace and evolve with the company’s new brand identity.

At the epicenter lies a modern, stylish canteen area, thoughtfully designed with a futuristic coffee bar. On the one end of the canteen, we’ve added a server unit with a wash-up kitchen while the opposite end features a coffee station. Beyond mere aesthetics, the space is tailored to nurture collaboration and leisure. Booth pods with plush seating offer secluded enclaves for informal meetings or reflective moments. The inclusion of a games room and tech-friendly amenities ensures that relaxation and recreation are woven into the fabric of the workplace.

This magnificent space also features meeting rooms, phone booths, a focus pod and a large open-plan work area that fosters a sense of community and connection, adjacent to an impressive auditorium.

Throughout this thoughtfully constructed space, natural wood flooring brings warmth and cohesion, punctuated by strategic pops of colour that add vibrancy to the space. A conscious effort to interweave nature within this corporate realm has led to the infusion of green elements throughout the design.

This project, more than a mere physical space, is a strategic environment designed to spark innovation and foster productivity. It’s a space not just built, but carefully composed to resonate with the rhythm of a forward-thinking tech enterprise, ready to embrace its next chapter with confidence.