Cape Town / Century City

The new office for this marketing and social media agency needed to be fun as well as functional, and encourage people to begin coming back to the office. It also needed to present the South African side of an international business.

In terms of layout, the space is long and fairly shallow, with a large sweeping curve of building façade defining much of its external edge. This, together with the company’s circular logo, inspired the creation of a number of different spaces. From the main reception area, one enters the main office space through a circular tunnel-like portal, the three layers of which evoke the ripples which are part of the company’s logo and which are symbolic of its business reach. This leads to a central circular social hub with a coffee station, snacks, seating and displays. It is from this central hub – the concentric layers of which also evoke ripples – that one moves into the rest of the office space.

The main office structures are clean, light and neutral in terms of their palette. White partitions and grey carpets predominate. Beautifully vibrant touches of colour are then added in elements such as seating, occasional tables and wall art. This makes the spaces bright and fun without being overwhelming.

Other fun elements have been added, such as the writeable meeting room in which one can write on literally everything (which is then reflected by a mirror ceiling), and the pink ball pit room – used as a think tank space – with its swings and neon signs. These have proven extremely popular with users and successfully evoke the creative nature of their work.