Johannesburg / Sandton

When BSG, a dynamic technology company, embarked on a journey of growth and transformation, they turned to Trend for a remarkable interior design and office fit-out at their new Rosebank, Johannesburg. Their vision was two-fold: to accommodate their expanding business operations and to create an inspiring, engaging workplace that would attract their workforce back to the office.

This presented us with an exciting challenge. The mission was to craft an agile, versatile workspace that could seamlessly adapt to various activities. Our solution was to use adaptable spaces and versatile furniture that could be effortlessly reconfigured to cater to a range of tasks.

What made this project creatively interesting was the innovative approach adopted by the team. BSG’s work culture thrives on collaboration and iteration, making it essential for our office design to align with the client’s “build-measure-learn” philosophy. Rather than presenting a fixed design concept for approval, we embarked on an ongoing journey of co-creation. The design team and client worked closely to experiment, assess, and refine ideas continuously. Ergonomics and workflow have been perfected through feedback and constant improvement, with the goal of ensuring the ultimate user experience.

The office, nestled on the ground floor, offered an opportunity to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. This enabled the canteen and training areas to spill onto the exterior deck, enhancing the flow of space and overall ambience. We strategically grouped busier spaces on one side while keeping quieter zones on the other, optimising the workflow and harmony of the office.

The aesthetics, deeply rooted in BSG’s brand identity, invite visitors to immerse themselves in the company’s culture. The tagline “Fit for purpose” was seamlessly woven into the design, complemented by visual signage elements. Clean lines, neutral colours, and uncluttered spaces exude an air of modernity, while splashes of colour in carpets, accent paints, and furniture highlight specific functions. Thoughtfully placed greenery adds a refreshing, organic touch throughout the office.

We carefully selected furniture pieces with adaptability in mind. These pieces effortlessly switch roles, transforming from individual workstations to collaborative meeting spaces, in a highly versatile set of combinations.

The spaces themselves are meticulously designed for flexibility. From stackable training rooms to plug-and-play hot-desk areas and intimate focus pods, we ensured that the entire space was optimised for utility. This approach wasn’t just about flexibility; it was about inclusivity, catering to various work styles and accommodating neurodiversity.

As Phase 1 nears completion and Phase 2 takes shape, our design continues to evolve. The office reflects the essence of BSG’s modern and forward-thinking approach, earning accolades as an exceptional workplace. It’s not merely a workspace; it’s an ecosystem that encapsulates growth, innovation, and the ever-evolving spirit of this leading tech business.