Pretoria / Menlyn Maine

Trend’s design for Bob Group’s new offices created a space with subtle industrial chic infused with touches of fun. Trend was commissioned to execute a design and build turnkey interior for the business, which has undergone rapid growth along with a rebrand, and had moved to larger premises.

The space needed to reflect the open and energetic culture of the company. Bob Group is extremely culture-driven and staff focused, and working with them proved to be a fun and rewarding experience. It was also important that spaces could be used or adapted for a variety of different functions, making flexibility key.

The U-shaped floor-plate of the building was used to best advantage by creating a social hub area where the two wings connect. Staff and visitors alike enter the space through this hub as the main focal area, immersing them fully into social environment of the office rather than a more formal reception. The hub features café tables, booth seating and counter-top seating in a spacious open plan layout which connects to a kitchen and pause area.

The two different sides of the office accommodate different styles of work and activity – one being for focused, quiet work, and the other being busier and more collaborative. Cellular spaces such as meeting rooms and offices were positioned around the edges of the spaces so as to accommodate any future growth easily in the centre.

The colour palette is mostly neutral with white, black and grey predominating. Warmth is added through the use of timber finishes and occasional accent colours in the red and blue of Bob Group’s brand colours. The floor finish is mostly polished screed, with timber or carpet used in particular areas to indicate a different spatial use. Similarly, the ceiling is detailed in particular areas with a dark mesh to delineate pathways or a change of use.

The use of greenery has been important in softening the space visually. It has been introduced throughout the space in hanging and standing planters, in planted walls or columns, and in moveable vertical planters which double as screens or space dividers.

The Trend team thoroughly enjoyed this project and we are thrilled to see how Bob Group has embraced the space and truly made it their own.