Allan Gray Makers

Johannesburg / Bryanston

Allan Gray Makers, part of Allan Gray’s philanthropy programme, is dedicated to supporting technical and vocational businesses and individuals through its Allan Gray Makers Hubs. The Allan Gray Makers Hub serves as a platform to empower small artisan businesses, providing them with training, mentorship, and business support to facilitate growth and sustainability. Through a comprehensive program encompassing on-campus training and ongoing business support, the hub equips entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to formalize and expand their businesses.

Trend was appointed for the design and implementation of an Allan Gray Makers Hub at the client’s premises on Sloane Street, Bryanston. The client envisioned a space that fosters growth, sustainability, and creativity. The design brief called for an industrial aesthetic resembling a workshop, with specific features including three enclosed offices, two six-way hot desking plug-and-play clusters, a training room accommodating 24 people, and a vibrant work lounge.

Additionally, the space was to incorporate Allan Gray Makers’ brand colours of blue, green, yellow, and red, to infuse a sense of fun and creativity. Inspirational quotes and glass vinyl featuring images of various tradespeople adorned the walls, further enhancing the ambiance.

The space features a dynamic layout including a training area, hot desking zones, enclosed offices, and a workshop, designed to accommodate various activities and foster collaboration.

Concrete block storage areas add an industrial chic touch, while writable walls and flexible workspaces promote creativity and innovation. Central to the design were branding elements and vinyl decals that harmonised with Allan Gray Makers’ vision, creating a cohesive and inspiring environment.

A distinctive aspect of the project was the involvement of the makers themselves in crafting joinery items, allowing each individual to contribute to the creation of the hub. Trend provided joinery drawings and supported the makers in implementing their designs, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in the space.

The completed Allan Gray Makers Hub reflects the collective ethos of the programme, and is a testament to the power of private sector-led initiatives in nurturing entrepreneurship and creating meaningful impact in society.