Johannesburg / Constantia Kloof

Cement manufacturer, Afrisam appointed Trend Group for their new office space. AfriSam had wanted to downsize their operations and change the way in which they worked. Trend Group was appointed to assist with implementing a strategy to change their existing offices into a more agile workspace.

The approach was to understand the operations of the staff and allocate areas to work, collaborate, meet, and socialize in conjunction with maximizing their space and introducing agile working solutions.

The design intent was to pay homage to the brand itself. Industrial inspired elements were brought through in the space in creative ways such as textured wallpapers, cement inspired carpet patterns, steel frames and bulkheads while also brining through the red in furniture pieces.

The design was impactful yet sophisticated and focuses on functionality. The furniture procured was intended to be flexible, encourage collaboration as well as be comfortable.