Trend Group offers a streamlined approach to office interior design, building refurbishments and upgrades, covering all aspects of the turnkey process.  Whether your project involves relocating to a new space, cosmetic enhancements, expanding or consolidating an existing facility, Trend Group will provide you with workplace strategies that support and enhance your business’s individual workflow needs.


With over 15 years of international experience and an owner-managed approach, we’ve delivered over 1000 projects, each one a testament to our passion for creating spaces that drive change and success.

From workspace creation strategies and design to construction management, project management and interior design services, Trend Group offers wide- ranging services executed by the very best experts and expertise in the industry to give great brands their space.

We apply a rigorous commitment to quality delivery, and work in partnership with our clients to create inspired workspaces that give brands the ability to serve out their purpose.


Workplace consultancy is a process that helps you understand how to use your current space, allowing you to assess how it can be optimised for the future in support of your ways of working.

Trend Group will analyse your space requirements and establish the scope of work. This will help us get a better understanding of your company culture and any potential challenges you might face and enable us to design custom solutions based on our findings.


Once we have a great understanding of where you are and where are and where you want to be, the workplace interior design process can begin.

Designing a workspace that enhances the working experience is key to boosting employee morale, productivity, and innovation. We use analysis and research to ensure that every need is met.


From start to finish, Trend Group is your turnkey solution for all your workplace requirements.

Our team of designers, developers and project managers are available to assist you with every step of your interior office design project. We prioritise your experience to ensure it is as stress-free as possible.

Our streamlined approach gives every client a space that feels welcome, comfortable, secure, and happy with each project completed.


Construction needs clear and concise communication to ensure there are no misunderstandings. The risk of not having a dedicated team to ensure that all your goals and objectives are met means you take on all the risk.

Trend Group handles your site from the ground up with a team of project managers and designers that understand your needs and ensure every objective is met.


We provide tailored office furniture solutions for tenants, landlords, retail, and hospitality developments.

Your workplace furniture determines and supports your company’s ways of working, making it one of the most effective tools for future-proofing your office or improving operational efficiencies.


If you are looking to transform your workspace, Trend Group is able to refurbish and redesign your office into an engaging space.

We ensure that each point in your interior office design conveys your brand message and company values, and that it engages your employees.

Using an existing space and refreshing the area can have a huge impact on the people working in that space. Not only is your budget reduced but a fresh look and feel gives employees a fresh perspective. It is important to assess your workplace every few years to ensure that you are adapting to changes in the environment, business, growth, and technology.